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other toys with wanderlust and strange travelogues:

apparently I'm in a very small club. If you know of any similar sites, please let me know!

Monkey Travel : now, here is a kindred soul with a plush monkey who's been at it since 1995 (!). Hardcore.

Terry the Lucky Travel Monkey : apparently there's a monkey theme I didn't know about.

Nate the Sock Monkey : yeah, nobody told me this about the monkeys and the traveling.

Paku the Panda : (in Japanese, w/ English section) apparently he is an immensely popular plush. Extensive site with all types of photos of them all around the world! <3

Roaming Gnomes : while the majority of the photos on this site are photo edits, they also link to other sites featuring garden gnomes traveling the world.

Dinosaur Bob : Bob's site isn't much right now because partway through the project the REAL Bob vanished. They have recently found a replacement Bob so hopefully there is more to come.

Windscreen TV : no toys in this one, but it is a shrine to unusual photography: photos taken through car windshields from around the world.

Magical Adventure : LiveJournal community for jrock toys that have adventures.

Psycho le Cemu:

frankly I'm lazy so you're just going to get the basics here. This isn't intended to be a major links section.

Synectics : [J] AYA, seek, Lida, and YURAsama's site

Super Cosplay Band : US-based fansite

saikon LJ community : the Psycho le Cemu fan community I run

main Psycho le Cemu LJ community : has a very nice links section I recommend you check out, in addition to the community itself.

TRAP ZONE : [J] news blog

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