mini-Psycho goes to Megacon

making of


Album by: Ayaka w/photo and construction assistance from Yui, Maple, "Abandoned Vampire Victim Girl", and Some Guy

Location: some Chinese restaurant on International Boulevard and the Convention Center, Megacon, Orlando, Florida

Date: February 26, 2005

Comment: A few "normal" shots; then fear the product of extreme boredom at Megacon Saturday night (everyone was bored Saturday night). The table of promo fliers was total chaos that had overflowed onto the floor. We decided to make use of them . . . so first we spelled out Psycho le Cemu on the floor, then we built mini-Psycho a stage. It attracted a lot of attention from random congoers who took our pictures with it. XD A number of them asked who the band was, and when the concert was. So maybe we got a few to go! :D

total photos in this album: 24