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about the adventures of mini-seek / mini-psycho

On the off chance you are here without knowing - Psycho le Cemu is a Japanese rock band known (in part) for their elaborate costumes. When the limited edition Frontiers album came out with a randomized little action figure of one of the members, none of us could wait to see what we got. I got seek, and when I talked to friends, it seemed like nearly everyone's Frontiers box came with a seek figure! So I came up with an idea - if people in different places had the same figure, we could take pictures of it in our area and mini-seek would effectively have been all around the USA. So "the adventures of mini-seek" was born.

Then the Magical Box came out, and we discovered it was to include figures of all five members! I put in a pre-order, and when I received my box, the adventures of mini-seek evolved into the adventures of mini-Psycho. Most of my pictures are still of Ai no Uta seek, because it's more convenient to carry just one figure most places. Wherever I go, my camera goes, and so does my seek figure. He even has his own travel pouch now, and so does mini-Psycho. Both mini-seek and I have done some crazy things for photos. He's fallen any number of times when I fail to balance him properly, been stuck into all kinds of interesting things, and even nearly been washed out into the Atlantic Ocean.(I think he needs a stunt double.) I've been in any number of public places taking photos of a toy, which because of its size (about 3" in height) often involves me getting down on the ground or contorting into some odd position to get the photo. I've dug myself down into a hole in the sand and laid there in all my clothes with the tide coming in behind me to get a photo. I don't currently use any "artificial" methods in

But, it's been worth it. At this point, including outtakes, I've taken something along the lines of 600 photos - I think the current total is 9 states. Mini-seek has even been included in my portfolio, where he was well received.. And an immense number of people have been very amused and confused by the photos being taken. Maybe with help, mini-Psycho can travel the world!

about submissions

Submissions are very welcome! I'd love to have pictures of the Psycho le Cemu mini figurines in as many different places as I can. I prefer submissions in 600x450, JPEG format, when possible. There are no requirements about what kind of pictures to take - anywhere you think your figure looks cool, snap a photo. Be creative and have fun! You can send one photo, a few, or a lot. Click here to send submissions. Please include the name you wish to be credited and the locations and dates for your photos. It is optional to include an email address/website URL to be posted and comments for your individual photos. If you are sending your files via email (not sending me a URL), please separate large numbers of pictures into multiple emails to keep the attachment size down. You may zip folders if you wish, too. Please put something like "mini-psycho" in the subject header so I won't miss your mail.

getting the figures

Frontiers Limited Edition - The limited edition Frontiers box includes one Ai no Uta figure. The selection is randomized (even though somehow most people in the US got seek). The box is limited, but they are still available, and for the same or nearly the same price as the normal edition Frontiers album which does not include the figure. The figures have periodically been available individually or as a set on Yahoo! Japan. (I don't know how the sets were complied as they came in a cardboard package that says Psycho le Cemu - they might have been available at Japanese lives or through KRONOS, the fanclub.)

Magical Box - Also limited edition, the Magical Box includes figures of all five members in their costumes from the "With" PV. It also comes with a color-changing light-up Magical Pen, the Magical Towel, a zippered vinyl pouch (good for keeping the figures in!), a postcard set, and the "Magical Clips" DVD. The DVD has the single version PVs (Prism, Shuunkashuutou, Ai no Uta, Gekiai Merry-go-Round, With, Roman Hikou), live footage, a history of the band, "Magical Dancing" instructional clips on the para-para routines for "Prism" and "Gekiai Merry-go-round", and an informercial style skit on the uses of the box and its contents. The box itself is translucent plastic with metal trim and a blue Psycho le Cemu logo, quite nice.

Second US Tour - If you had a VIP bag from JPop House on the second Psycho le Cemu US tour (Katsucon 2005, Megacon 2005, or Anime Overdose 2005) you received two random Frontiers figures in your bag.

Yahoo! Japan Auctions - If you haven't been able to get ahold of any of the mini-Psycho figures, they are often available loose, in compiled sets, or with the merchandise they originally came with on Yahoo! Japan. International bidders cannot bid on Y!J; you MUST use a deputy service. Do a search on Google to find one.


3/272005 : I am sorry to officially report mini-seek Missing in Action, having thoroughly scoured my house. I hope he may yet prove to be hiding somewhere here, but I have to conclude that he was lost someplace between Orlando, FL, Chicago, IL, and San Francisco, CA. He was in his small leather carrying pouch. I'm posting this on the infinitesimally small chance that he might be found.

I hope that wherever he is, mini-seek is having a good adventure.