character // series :: Yuuko (manga v. 3) // xxxHOLiC

completed :: June 2006

debut :: Anime Expo 2006

notes:: In the photo you can't see the dress underneath. It barely shows in the manga but from what I could tell, it was a lace dress, so I made a lace dress. The scalloped edging was originally white and had to be dyed around five times to get it completely black; it's all sewn on by hand (twice, since I wasn't happy the first time). The kimono is a heavy "ultra satin" with no shine; the cloud design is hand painted. Boned obi/corset is taffeta. Made all the jewelry, mostly glass beads and some plastic, strung on beading wire (I've had too many breakages with anything else); I sculpted the crescent moons from resin. I tried to stick as close to the art as possible, though Yuuko's fashions change so frequently I didn't have much to go on. In the anime, they did this with a purple and green color scheme; but I liked the idea of taking the art literally and trying to copy the inking itself, since Holic doesn't use screentones.

I never did get pictures of myself in this; I spent something like four hours in line for the CLAMP panel, then the panel, and then I went straight back to the room. x_X I made the mistake of wearing a pair of shoes I'd never worn with this with very high heels and I was in really awful pain. Don't let people tell you that the look is more important than being able to walk, or don't plan on wearing the costume in a place you'll have to stand for hours! (Just try sitting comfortably on a cement floor in a white kimono, a super long wig, a high-cut see-through dress, and a corset. lol.) The good news is, I found other xxxHOLiC cosplayers even though I forgot about the CLAMP shoot, and I think CLAMP saw me coming up the escalator.