character // series :: Yumichika Ayasegawa // Bleach

completed :: January 2007

debut :: Ohayocon 2007

Photo by:: Eurobeat King of

notes :: :: I tend to have weird taste in characters so Yumichika is one of my favorites. Since it seemed to be the thing that most interested people about the costume - the feathers are attached with hot glue (yes, I did try everything else first, and no, it actually didn't hurt). This is in the midst of being tweaked, I'm remaking/altering some smaller stuff, new wig, and redoing the hakama (these are recycled from one of my first costumes so they're not that well made). When I wore this at Ohayocon, I had waraji I made myself; they worked out okay but I decided it was going to take too much practice to get them as nice as the ones from Japan. Hopefully I'll get a chance to wear it again and finish the Fuji kujaku also.