character // series :: Youji Kudou (artbook version) // Weiss Kruez

completed :: February 2003

debut :: Katsucon 9 (2003)

Photo by:: whomever had my camera at the time

notes:: :: Made especially for a large group shoot at Katsucon; I made the jacket and pants, both of which are fully lined. White fabric is evil and so are Burda suit patterns. That's pretty much what there is to say.

I believe this is the least time I've ever been in a costume - it was only worn for about an hour as I had a different shoot immediately after. Strangely I can't remember the circumstances under which I happened to be going out in this, but I wore it through the beginning of the snow walking to McDonald's . . . it's very comfortable, but "walking in snow" is about the only activity I can recommend an all-white costume. But, I did use the jacket again (for a family wedding, lol), and I've worn the shoes a number of times.