character // series :: Youji Kudou // Weiss Kreuz

completed :: April 2002

debut :: Anime Central 2002

Photo by:: my mother lol

notes:: :: This was kind of a last minute costume. Jen from JAPC was doing a group, but their Youji couldn't do it. I took a look at some photos, and had read the manga at one point, figured it would be easy (+ no wig required) and volunteered to do it. I probably shouldn't have, not because of the costume or anything but just because I've seen so little of the series. Ah well, it went just fine though. It wasn't too hard to put together; all I had to make was the jacket, I already owned everything else you see. I messed up on the collar, otherwise it wouldn't have had to be a separate piece. This was my first time wearing a costume to a con; I wore it all day Friday. I got recognized way more than I expected to, as well as stopped for photos. It was cool ^^. Although I was a little freaked by the girl who tackled me from behind . . . those two girls were really genki. Somewhere on the net is a photo of me with my foot on their giant plush Pikachu. Our group did karaoke of the OP theme, "Velvet Undergroud", Friday night. Sadly we were beaten to it by another Weiss group, and apparently no one could hear us . . . (maybe just as well?) That was my first karaoke as well. lol this was a con of firsts. Great fun. I only wish the stupid Ace bandage hadn't kept slipping down . . . O_O;;; Plus I lost one of my earrings! My hair kept getting in my face, but otherwise it was a pretty comfy costume.

The above is my text from my first cosplay page, I don't want to re-edit it now. This one was tied for my first cosplay, after all! I have since seen Weiss, and keep considering redoing this cosplay but I haven't gotten to it yet. I really want to make Youji's watch (functional!).