name :: Werewolf Candy Corn (NYCC 2013 Exclusive; edition of 10)

completed :: October 2013

size :: ~9" tall

materials :: faux fur, wool felt, hand-painted safety eyes, wire

notes :: A super-soft cone of fluff, with a fangy grin and a poseable tail. Specially mixed bright shade of silver designed to mimic moonlight. I watched 2 seasons of Teen Wolf in a couple of days while working, so it was inevitable I'd have werewolves on the brain. I honestly thought it might be one of those silly ideas that only seems good at 3AM, but I had to cap sales at the con to prevent them from selling out in the first hour; and felt terrible turning people away the rest of the weekend. I've been calling them "werecorn" for short, which is wrong; it translates to "mancorn" so that would just be a dude who turns into corn...