name // source :: Waving Snail "Fooplique" // Adventure Time

completed :: July 2011

size :: 6" diameter

materials :: scrap cotton, acrylic & wool felt, beads, embroidery floss, embroidery hoop

notes :: New concept for SDCC 2011 Art Show, when my sewing machine was broken; 100% hand sewn. The Waving Snail is kind of an Easter Egg, and appears more or less obviously in every episode. Drawn from a low-res reference/memory, transferred to the felt and cut out. The piece isn't glued; where it's not visibly stitched I used a nifty trick I learned in cosplay instead. Back is padded and finished with contrast fabric for a finished look. Can be hung on a nail directly from nail, from ribbon loop, or displayed on a plate stand.