character // series :: WATANUKI Kimihiro // xxxHOLiC

completed :: September 2007

materials :: non-pill fleece, stretch velvet, embroidery floss; clothes and accessories: aluminum wire, twill, pleather, buttons, foam

notes :: My first time making a human plush - since the puppets are based on a commercial pattern and are really a whole other ballgame. He is not a "UFO"-style plush; he's large at about 18" tall (standing). The pattern is from scratch. I started on a prototype without thinking who it was going to be of, and had to come up with something I could do with materials I had XD; But I love xxxHOLiC and Watanuki is adorable so there you go. Jacket is lined except for the sleeves, no shirt underneath because I've found too many layers with plush becomes awkward. He also has no underpants, oh noes. But his clothing is removable. I left the mouth somewhat loose so that it can be repositioned to make him smile or frown. The pipe fox was made earlier as a prop for humans, so it's not to scale, but I wanted to take their photo together anyway.