character // series :: Toboe // Wolf's Rain

completed :: May 2003

debut :: Anime Central 2003

Photo by:: Hikaru

notes:: :: Yes, it's ghetto fabulous :P I did actually redo parts of this later (and found time to get a haircut >_>) but I have no photos of that . . . I'd totally remake it if I planned to cosplay Toboe again, but I was the first in the US and had a really fun time hanging out with our Wolf's Rain group (all of whom became friends of mine, lol!). I still love my little plush Toboe and his matching bracelets, who guards my cosplay closet. And, if I was going to forget that I did it, I still won't - I have a scar on my ankle from where the combat boots cut my foot. It must really suck to be in the military in a third-world country. Stick to first-world if you're buying military surplus.