name :: Tiny Fred Seibert, commission for WeLoveFine (edition of 9)

completed :: Dec 2013/Jan 2014

size :: ~9" tall standing

materials :: anti-pill fleece, robe velour, velour, faux fur, acrylic and wool felt, cotton, ribbon, wire

notes :: Custom "portrait dolls" of Frederator Network founder Fred Seibert, which were holiday gifts. Based off a piece of artwork I was given, with modifications for accuracy and because it had to be 3D. ;) All commissioned and coordinated through WeLoveFine. I had never really had a chance to get a human plush pattern how I wanted, so this was built from scratch. Arms and legs are wired for some posing ability, butt is weighted. Shirt buttons are smaller than an eraser tip. :) I've never given an executive a haircut before, but the fur was too long and was carefully trimmed to be more accurate. The fluffy eyebrows were at the client's request. A fun (and challenging!) commission I hear was well-received!