name // source :: "The Wall Had it Coming" Fooplique (triptych of wall, John Watson, Sherlock Holmes) // BBC Sherlock

completed :: January 2012

size :: 4" and 7" diameter

materials :: scrap cotton, acrylic & wool felt, twill, flannel, pleather, safety eyes, embroidery floss, embroidery hoops

notes :: Something I cooked up while waiting for the premiere of Series 2 of Sherlock; sort of a New Year's project. I ADORE Sherlock; it immediately rocketed to my "top shows of all time" list after the first episode. So much love. The quote and the wall are from episode 2 of Series 1; it was not easy to figure out how to do a "spray painted" smiley face with bullet holes in the "wallpaper" in fabric, but I did my best. All three are currently hanging next to my bed. There is a lack of accuracy in this which annoys me as a former cosplayer, but we'll just have to call it "artistic license"*

*my JoAnn is tiny and has no fabric ARGH