name :: Shawn Spencer (James Roday) from Psych

completed :: February 2013

size :: ~16" high

materials :: anti-pill fleece, faux fur, polyfoam, craft foam, felt, plastic, safety eyes, wire

notes :: Made in a bit of a frenzy to star in videos with the previously-made Psych Pineapple for the Psych Slumber Party event. My videos weren't shown on air, but one got a retweet from the writer's room. Shawn went with me to SDCC 2013, where accompanied me to the Psych Musical and may or may not have been seen by the cast (he was a few feet away, but it was chaos). He also cosplayed as the GISHWHES mascot the Wooster and got a shout-out/was a finalist (? this was ALSO chaos) at the GISHWHES SDCC costume contest.

Shawn was made with a heavily modified version of Project Puppet's Simple Series Pinhead pattern, with a fuller foam skull, added chin, and alternate construction method. He has repositionable eyebrows (the lazy man's eyebrow mech). He has got a five-o'clock-shadow, but the day I figure out how to really do that effectively will be a good day.