name :: Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) from Supernatural

completed :: August 2013

size :: ~16" high

materials :: Antron fleece, faux fur, polyfoam, fleece, synthetic wig, felt, plastic, safety eyes, wire

notes :: My first (human) puppet with a full foam head, and intended to be first in a series that I have "plans" for. Sammy's moose antlers are removable, with a hidden attachment system. He's been to two conventions with me (Dragon*Con and NYCC) and I was surprised how often he was recognized; though I think it was about 50/50 "is that a Sam puppet?" and "is that a Jared Padalecki puppet?" hahah. It's probably really Jared Padalecki, since Sam is never this happy...oh dear. He also got to meet two of the Fraggles, which is probably a big deal for a puppet.

Sam's head pattern was drafted by me, with a slightly modified mouthplate from the Project Puppet series. He's larger than their Simple but smaller than the Forma, so the arms (Simple pattern with added upper arm muscles) need to be redrafted/remade. The body pattern is original, with sculpted pecs and abs ;)