character // series :: Salt // Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar / Chiitchana Yukitsukai Sugar

completed :: October 2003

debut:: Kazecon 2003

Photo by:: Kevin Lillard @ Fan's View

notes:: This was such a random costume . . . lol. John Booty wound up getting dared to crossplay Sugar, and since I'd been jonesing to cosplay the show for a long time, I decided to crossplay Salt (seemed appropriate at the time).

Stritcly speaking, I never finished this. :P It's not a complex costume, but it was such a saga. I made the pattern for the shirt from scratch because I didn't want any visible seams from head on. The hat and gloves are heavily altered, but from a pattern. Shorts used to be pants. :3 Boots are Goodwill! Heh. The wings need to be attached in some clever fashion so that the poor things don't droop (Salt was a very depressed fairy at Kazecon), and get a longer strap for the bag (it's pathetically too short). I'd love to make the trumpet sometime, too.

I like Salt a lot but I think this costume looks silly on me. Maybe I shouldn't have tried to make the hat to scale, huh? *needs absurdly large head to match absurdly large hat* A girl at Kazecon came up to take a pic and said she was a big Salt fan, so at least there's that. ^^