character // series :: Rosette // Chrono Crusade (gloves)

completed :: ??? 2005

commission for :: ShadraD

notes :: Okay, there's no blaming folks who don't want to have to sew gloves for a costume. But what's wrong with the people who are willing to make them for someone else? >_< Just kidding. I got to use a PATTERN as a base this time, which is a step up from my first pair of gloves. My client sent along a pair of gloves that fit and the cuff material; I did the rest. Fortunately we have similarly sized hands, which was helpful. The main glove fabric is a faux suede; very soft and with a good leather look. The cuffs stand up even without an arm in them, which took some crazy psuedo-lining work. The metal back piece was not part of my job. They're not the same as commercially-made gloves, but I think they came out well. (Yay for Chrono Crusade!)