member // band // costume :: AYA // Psycho le Cemu // "Roman Hikou"

completed :: January 2005

debut :: Katsucon 2005


Photo by:: LLNN

notes :: Aside from the fact that I was moderately fixated on cosplaying AYA, I was running an introductory panel on the band for all three tour location conventions and I wanted a PLC costume that wouldn't be awkward to do the panel in. It wasn't too bad a costume to make overall . . . though it did wind up being time-consuming. I made the sailor collar and skirt patterns from scratch. I couldn't find something I was happy with for the orange trim, either, so I made my own bias tape from fabric. The tie was cursed and had to be made several times over as it kept getting destroyed by my iron in various ways. Unfortunately this photo doesn't show the accessories, which I DID make; I looked everywhere for the right sneakers and dyed and studded them. The wig in the photo I owe completely to my friend, Hinoto, who saved me from a breakdown of nervousness about running the first panel and did an awesome job styling it.

I do plan to remake this. Of the costumes I wore to the concerts, it was definitely the most comfortable. XD I had a sizing problem on the skirt and it was too large; for various reasons it would not be worth the work to resize it and I might as well start over. I also have acquired the COSPA buttons, pin and patch. But, I heard from a Japanese fan that there is a photograph of me in this costume in some Japanese rock magazine, regardless of how I felt about it. XD; (Though it was only because the photo had Yura and the PLC puppets in it, as well, lol.)