character // series :: Teal'c // Stargate SG-1

completed :: July 2006

notes:: Another gift puppet, and another I didn't have the sense to properly photograph before err . . . begifting it ("bestow" sounds too formal). Don't take pics under your chair at a panel, kids, they come out sucky. I WAS very pleasantly surprised to be able to give it to him in person, even if it did wind up costing me $40 I didn't really have. (Who eats at cons, anyway?) I told him I had something for him, and he goes "I hope it's not a subpoaena" *dies* It wasn't. Anyway, he seemed to think it was nifty and at any rate seems like a great guy.

Puppet Teal'c features fur hair (I did the "longer hair" version because I prefer it and a bald puppet would be such a copout), black sleeveless tee, watch, hand-embroidered (albeit badly) tattoo, and magnetic eyebrow. I wanted to make him a flak vest, but in the recent shows he's pretty much just been rocking the t-shirt and eschewing the vest or SG-1 jacket, and I couldn't figure out how to do certain parts of it for a puppet.