character // series :: Dr. Rodney McKay // Stargate Atlantis

completed :: July 2006

notes:: I am honestly very picky about who gets . . . puppet-ized? It has to be the right kind of person/character or it doesn't work right. I'd be terrified to think what the other characters would do with a puppet of McKay, but I think HE might like the idea of a mini-him. He could brainstorm with it and it wouldn't give him any backtalk.

The bad thing about gift puppets is then you don't get to keep them. >_o Unfortunately I was too dumb to take photos of this guy except in progress before I gave it to David Hewlett (via Christopher Judge, who I trust did pass it on). So you will have to take my word that I did add the patches on; they are attached with velcro like on the show. The earpiece is magnetic so it can be removed. The jacket is fully functional, I got anal and even copied the seams . . . of course somewhere out there is the person who would nitpick that I should have made the grey jacket if I was doing the grey t-shirt, but sometimes you can't get the fabric, okay? ;P