member // band :: YURAsama (Gekiai no Merry-go-round) // Psycho le Cemu

completed :: December 2004

notes:: The second PLC puppet. I chose this costume because of a sudden brainwave that I had red plastic cups that looked like his hat. x.x I made no attempt to hide the fact that they're plastic cups because it amused me too much. Most of the sewing had to be done by hand because I couldn't figure out how to make it with my machine. The majority of the supplies were things I already had, including the gem and feathers for the chest piece; the wig was a sacrifice from my Hellsing cosplay. This puppet has had the distinction of having the REAL YURAsama's hand up it. He seemed amused and talked to it a little. Yura is the only puppet I've made with teeth. I never did get to making the backpiece, though.