about me
I started sewing in May of 2002. As a cosplayer I made upwards of 30 costumes from anime, manga, video games, and music, as well as original designs, before going into semi-retirement in 2006. I've since expanded into fashion, and most recently into plush toys. I don't have formal training in these fields, but take pride in the triumphs and trials of being self-taught. I consider it my responsibility to encourage and educate other amateurs whenever possible. As a person who has dealt with chronic and acute illness, I also feel it’s important to express how pursuing art can help individuals overcome challenging circumstances.

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about House of Darkly
The label was established in 2005 but I only undertook it seriously in 2009. All works under the label are designed, patterned, and constructed solely by me. (With the infrequent exception of "fan plush", based on artwork by others.) From manufacturing tags to drafting patterns to writing mailing labels, it’s a one-person undertaking. I work primarily in plush, but have made clothing for ball-joint dolls and accessories for people as well.

as seen on ::

  • Mashable
  • Plastic & Plush
  • CRAFT blog
  • TheRealStanLee.com
  • Doctor Who Official Tumblr
  • Tomopop
  • toysrevil
  • Frederator Studios blog
  • Bravest Warriors Official Tumblr
  • Filmbonanza (NRK - Norwegian television)
  • Shanalogic (retailer)

selected awards // exhibitions ::

  • Dollheart BJD International Fashion Design competition 2006: Finalist
  • Anime Expo 2006: Pop Shock Masquerade: Best Construction
  • Volks Dolpa NY: Customize Contest Judge’s Choice
  • San Diego Comic-con Masquerade 2007: Honorable Mention, Textile Craftsmanship
  • Instructables DIY Halloween Contest 2007: Costumes Category First Prize
  • Volks SD High Mode International Competition: President’s Choice Award
  • CafePress/ABC Studios “LOST” T-Shirt Design Contest: Category Winner
  • 2013 Geekie Awards (Winner: Best Plush; Nominee: Best Toy/Game)
  • 2014 Geekie Awards Nominee: Best Art/Craft
  • "Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits" 2005 MCAD conference fashion show
  • Volks SD High Mode Competition: Int. Finalist / Special Display @ Osaka Dolpa 4
  • Mortal Plush group show @Art Whino
  • Plush You! 2009 group show @Bluebottle Art Gallery
  • San Diego Comic-Con Art Show 2011, 2012
  • Adventure Time tribute show at OhNo!Doom Gallery
  • Plush Week 3 @ iam8bit Gallery
  • Stitched @ Clutter Gallery
  • Uglycon 2013, 2014 @ Giant Robot LA
  • iam8bit Holiday Ornaments Show 2014
  • Common Threads @ FOE Gallery

past events ::

  • C2E2 (Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo) 2011 - 2015
  • NYCC (New York Comic-Con) 2011; The Block @ NYCC 2012 - 2015
  • Maker Faire Orlando 2015
  • DesignerCon 2012, 2013
  • Comikaze 2012 - 2014
  • WonderCon 2012, 2013
  • GLAM Craft Fair 2013
  • Megacon 2012
  • Chicago Comic-Con 2012
  • Anime Central
  • Volks Los Angeles Dolpa


now printing sewing machine :: Marceline (the Sewing Machine)

model :: Brother PQ-1500s

sewing machine (secondary):: Gatomon

model :: Brother Innovis NX-450Q

previously:: Kenmore "Impmon II"

serger :: Calumon

model :: Brother 1034D

camera :: Smaug 2.0

model :: Nikon D7100

previously:: Nikon D90 "Smaug 1"; Sony CyberShot DSC-H1 "Nova"

computer :: K-9

model :: Apple MacBook Pro Retina 15" 2.3GHz Intel Core i7

software :: Adobe Photoshop CS5/Illustrator CS5; Taco HTML Edit