member // band :: YURAsama // Psycho le Cemu

completed :: June 2006

debut :: Metrocon 2006

award :: Anime Expo 2006 Pop Shock Masquerade - Best Construction

notes :: The perfect cosplay for a metrosexual convention! Just kidding. PLC cosplay has been by far my most time-consuming construction work . . . I got asked a lot how long this took me, but I honestly don't know. I was working on it off and on for around a year; the primary part of that being just doing the research to figure out what the kanji should be. There is no total nonsense or made-up writing anywhere on this outfit; I translated everything I could see, and made educated guesses with anything I could only see part of. The original fabrics were plain white and a mottled purple; everything visible has at least one layer of paint and/or dye work. The outer layers have around six separate layers of painting. The lining is also completely painted. I really kinda can't exaggerate how much time this costume took. XD; It was just a labor of love. I took my time with it and refused to rush or skimp and I feel happy about that decision.

The costume is also pretty comfortable, which is nice, aside from being a poor choice in hot weather since it's three layers over the torso (four with the obi). I made a complete ass of myself in it by randomly being in the Pop Shock Masquerade at AX and attempting to do the Prism para-para while humming the song, but people seemed happy to see the PLC love so who cares. It also got me a ticket backstage to the main masquerade, which was really a lot of fun, and it was great to have someone who doesn't even know me appreciate the hard work that went into this.





outer kimono lining

under kimono

outer kimono sleeves

sleeves detached

entire costume

costume side view

costume back view