name :: Pie (Key Lime, Lemon, Chocolate Silk)

completed :: March 2013

size :: ~7" long, 4" wide

materials :: anti-pill fleece, acrylic and wool felt, safety eyes, embroidery floss

notes :: I'd already planned to do pie at some point, having done cake, cupcakes, cookies, and egg tarts. But I ran out of "crust" fleece and it took over a year and calls to multiple states to finally find some again. Fleece comes in more colors than it used to, but it's basically like a decent box of crayons, not an artist's set of paints. Naturally, though, having done fandom food as well, this doubles up as not only "dessert" but "Supernatural" (Dean Winchester would approve, but he would probably be baffled and disgusted by the idea of stuffed food). The toppings are entirely hand-sewn.