character // series :: Pao-chan // G-On Riders

completed :: February 2003

debut:: Katsucon 9 (2003)

Photo by:: LLNN

notes:: Notes :: Another last week of work before the con Katsucon panic costume, oy. I've not seen all of G-On Riders, but I already like it a lot; it's a great parody of the magical girl shows. Pao-chan is the (incompetent) leader of the alien invasion force threatening earth, and I knew that I loved her character design after her first appearance. It came out decent, I think, though it's fairly ghetto. I used a sleepwear pattern and added the mittens and tail. The collar is wrangled upholstery vinyl. I already had the right shirt, it's what I used for assassin Youji. I did some significant construction work on this costume Thursday night at the con. >_< (Moo and I kept each other company sewing into the early morning watching Conan O'Brien, lol.) Also I can't wear it to any con I'm going to alone; unless I figure out some kind of solution to the problems I had, I can't get into this costume on my own. MANY thanks to Ziggy, who helped me get pinned and taped into this outfit.

The pin front was just hot-glued on, and I had a feeling it wasn't going to stick (it didn't), though we were able to keep it on for a while with some double-sided tape. I need to fix the boot tops, reinforce the back seam at the tail, work on the ears, and add the side stripes and paw contrast before I wear this again. I'd also like to make the goldfish gun! I'll bother with fangs next time as well. I do intend to do so, since I only really wore it Saturday night.

I know I'm the only one in NA to have done Pao-chan so far, and I was VERY happy to get recognized twice! XD (Even though most people hadn't even heard of the series.) It's an extremely silly outfit, but it was one of the only times the whole weekend I wasn't chilly. And, though sadly I have no pics, this costume has been successfully limbo-tested. (Yep, I can limbo in it. And NO, the tail doesn't help support me! >_<)