character // game :: Charm Lord Orlouge // SaGa Frontier

completed :: July 2007

debut :: Comic-Con International 2007

award :: Honorable Mention, Textile Craftsmanship: Comic-Con International 2007

Photo by:: Saeru

notes :: :: There's no way I could fit the notes for Orlouge on one page lol. The construction period (not counting planning, etc) was four solid months. There is only one unaltered, purchased piece on the costume - the boots, which are in fact almost completely covered but were not permanently changed in any way. Everything else was made from scratch or styled and dyed (the wigs). He was a long shot more ambitious than anything I've done so far. I considered cosplaying him maybe two years ago but ruled it out as being too complex. I needed to choose a costume to do for a course in school called externship, which involved working outside one's comfort zone, so I wound up deciding to try it. SaGa Frontier is an underappreciated RPG, it's very unique.

You can read in more detail about the costume in my wrap-up post on the journal I created for it, including the video of me competing in the San Diego Comic-con Masquerade.