name // source :: Waving Snail (possessed by the Lich King) // Adventure Time

completed :: July 2012 (SOLD)

size :: 5” front to back, 5.25” tall to antennae

materials :: fleece, velour, handpainted safety eyes, wire

notes :: For the Adventure Time tribute show at OhNo!Doom. I'm in love with the evil version of the waving snail for some reason. As an adult I've learned to appreciate villainy a lot more, I think! What can he really do, anyway? Nibble your toes very slowly? Adorable things that are also evil, man. His eyes glow in the dark. I chose to interpret the snail in 3D, so it doesn't pose identically to the way it's drawn in 2D but is more "realistic" in 3D. I may miss this dude the most of anything I've made and sold.