name :: Leaf Sprite

completed :: June 2012

size :: ~5" tall

materials :: faux fur, stretch velour, handpainted safety eyes, acrylic felt, wire

notes :: Had this guy in my sketchbook more than once for quite a while but hadn't gotten around to making one. Arms are jointed and poseable (as is the wire "stem"). It can stand on its own, though it takes a little balancing due to it being somewhat top-heavy. I wanted to do hands with fingers (instead of "mitten style" with just a thumb) but materials like this at this scale are not keen on tight turns.

I actually chose to give my second one (black fur with gray leaf and special mix lavender/silver eyes) to Guillermo del Toro at SDCC - a huge creative hero I got to talk to for the first time. Always want to give people I admire plushies, since that's what I do; even though I worry I might burden people with a gift. But it is quite small and he DOES have an entire additional house to keep his stuff in (geek dream!). I think he really liked it and I'm incredibly honored by the idea of my little dude heading off to "Bleak House" (or his kids, either way! ;) ). Should've gotten a pic of him with it, or a pic of it at all; but it's where it was always intended to be, no matter what he does with it.