character // series :: Kaoru Kamiya (kendo tanuki) // Rurouni Kenshin

completed :: July 2002

debut :: Anime Expo 2002

Photo by:: my mother lol

notes:: :: As soon as I heard Nobuhiro Watsuki (Kenshin's mangaka), I knew I had to go to Anime Expo. I ditched other cons (where I was meeting friends) to do it. But it was all worth it for one picture.

About the ears - in one of the chapters of the Kyoto arc, there's a picture of Kaoru with tanuki ears. Megumi is associated several times with a fox; Kaoru is a tanuki, and Misao is a weasel. (*dodges darts from Misao*) So, to make the costume a little more interesting, I tossed in tanuki ears and a tail - or my depiction of them, anyway. The hakama were tough. I had a failed attempt with the fabric amount, and had to go back out. And in the end I still couldn't tie the belts properly, although now I think that's because I'm incompetent instead of the belts being the wrong length. And the pleats never got creased all the way down . . . but I think they came out okay, considering I didn't have a pattern. The keikogi was done with a wide-sleeved kimono pattern; I winged it on the sleeves. I'm proud that I made my own.

Wearing this costume Thursday was a nightmare. I had very little time to get into it, and had a terrible time, particularly with the wig. I ran to the Kenshin gathering. The wig kept sliding backwards; Friday I put in a pin and had no more problems.

But. Problems aside. It was worth it. I stood up with the other Kenshin cosplayers at the panel when the moderator suggested it (I felt very exposed and very cool at the same time, lol), and. And. And. I have my picture standing next to Watsuki-sensei. The MAN. And me. *has otaku moment* I wonder if he knew why I was wearing ears; though he was so shy about the whole thing I don't think he looked. (Dude, trust me, I was way more nervous than you. I nearly passed out waiting in line for the photo, and no joking.) I still really wish that I'd gotten an autograph, but what with the photo, can I really complain? But no one seemed to get that it was Kaoru (except the Kenshin fans). The ears threw them . . . ah well. ^^ Hakama are comfy!