character // series :: Kami-sama // Saiyuki (manga volumes 7-9)

completed :: October 2003

debut:: Anime Reactor 2003

Photo by:: Fan's View

notes:: Kami-sama is a Saiyuki villain who gets more "page time" than most; maybe the most important outside of the characters involved with the Gyumaoh resurrection. He's only in the manga, until midway through Saiyuki Reload first season, when he does appear in the anime. I hadn't planned to cosplay him, but at some point it occurred to me that I could while re-using parts of Sanzo. I felt like having another costume for Anime Reactor, so I hit Wal-mart and put this together. Note that I am wearing pants, whereas I think he doesn't. I did not have my new Sanzo kimono at the time and was not feeling exhibitionistic.

After I did the costume, I though more about Kami-sama . . . he's really crazy and very evil, but he's also got a very sad story . . . so I can't like him, but I think I do appreciate him. "A game until I lose . . ." I actually will probably cosplay him again (with more care), because as demonstrated by the one photo I have of myself as him, I do a fine crazy!