completed :: August 2005

debut :: Wizard World Chicago 2005

Photos by: Chris Nania

notes:: Some friends of mine talked me into stopping by Wizard World for a day to hang out. While my friend who was staying with me was doing some finishing touches on his original costume, he talked me into hauling some random Goodwill stuff out of the closet and putting something together - 48 hours before the convention. I made alterations to the things I had (the vest was a dress, studs are added). The skirt is made entirely from those annoying narrow scraps of fabric left over from cutting things that are too large to throw out but too small to be useful; aside from trimming one or two bits, I left them as I found them. It's a conceptual thing? Headpiece comprised the most work; it's worn like a headband over a base wig and is made of part of a costume wig, fake fur, yarn, and feathers.I was inspired by a number of different jrock bands' costume designs. I love black and white because it's so high contrast.

This outfit was also shown as part of the Fruits Basket fashion show at the "Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits" conference @ MCAD.