character // series :: Integra(l) Hellsing // Hellsing

completed :: July 2002

debut :: Anime Expo 2002

Photo by:: my mother lol

notes:: :: Oh, how I hate this costume. XD; Hands down the worst wig I've ever had the misfortune to own, though it acheived its redemption when it was completely destroyed to make a wig for a puppet. The fibers are awful, the cap is horrifically scratchy . . . stay away from the cheap costume wigs, kids. Add in cheap glasses that pinched my head and paint that decided to melt onto my skin in the heat of July in a wool suit and gloves, and you've got my wonderful, incredibly uncomfortable experience. XP The redeeming features are that I was in love with the Hellsing manga when everyone was going "is that a metal band?", so even though I used the anime for reference I was tied for the first Integra cosplayer in the US, and our small group made an impression on the members of the Japanese production crew who had made the trek to AX, including the producer. I still think the thing was cursed, because the signed poster they gave me (which Crispin Freeman, who was cosplaying Alucard, was nice enough to sign as well) was stolen . . . but what can you do. At least I got my revenge on the wig.