name // source :: Emperor of China & The Nightingale // fairy tale "The Nightingale"

completed :: May 2007

size :: 1:3 scale

notes ::

Pair of designs and costumes for Volks NY Dolpa Customize Contest, with the theme "fairy tale", based on the fable The Nightingale. I've always been fond of the story, and liked the idea of doing Chinese steampunk. I did not make the dolls, eyes, or the wigs; but I painted their faces, styled the wigs, and patterned and made the entirety of the outfits, including etching the brass, with the exception of the shoes.

Details of each outfit below.

Costume: the Emperor of China from the fairy tale "The Nightingale" (original design)

Model: Gideon (SD16 Yukinojo Sawaragi)

Tunic: Chinese-style tunic in brocade with dupioni silk edging, fully lined in purple; applied trims and cording, velcro closure.

Vest: Brocade-like fabric lined in red dupioni silk.

Sash: Crepe-back satin (reversed) with hand-beaded edging and gear detail.

Pants: Black poly with vine detail.

Spats: Lined dupioni silk, snap closure with decorative buttons and elastic strap.

Accessories: Crown and armor in custom-etched brass. Closure on armor is chain, purchased flower thing, and beads. Crown pin with gold bead, wire, chain, pearls, seed beads, Swarovski crystal. Bracelet is hematite on elastic cord with handmade tassel.

Purchased Coordinate: Boots: Volks from h. naoto set

Costume: the nightingale from the fairy tale "The Nightingale" (original design)

Model: Sahara (SD13 girl School C)


Dress: Crepe-back satin with black lace trim and applied sequins and seed beads.

Jacket: Stretch lace material with embroidered trim cuff and shawl collar.

Train: Full, lined train with pleating in taffeta with black rose appliques, rhinestones, brass and plastic sequins, seed beads, and gears.

Obi/bustle: Brown crinkle poly, came with cord and sequin detailing. Back has ribbon and yarn, feathers added.

Accessories: Wings with magnetic attachment to corset, corset, and choker plate in custom etched brass. Choker backing is taffeta. Hair ornament with purchased brass piece, chain, wire, beads, and Swarovski crystals.

Purchased Coordinate: Boots: Volks from LE Emma set (on loan). Also added face jewels.