name :: Generalissima Hurley and Sun Buddy

completed :: February 2013 (iam8bit Plush Week 3)

size :: Generallisma: Sun: ~10" diameter

materials :: non-pill fleece, ribbon, vinyl, spandex, wool and acrylic felt, rhinestones, wire

notes :: This plush show requested easy-to-own pieces, so it was the perfect opportunity to do a fancy version of the Hurley cloud which I had previously only done in baby version. One of those things you could skip freely admitting to: I discovered that I only had one of the correct eye size for the large cloud, and had to come up with a solution. I think eyepatches are cool, which is ironic since I used to wear one and it was singularly uncool. But there was a silly anime which featured a heart shaped ("Lovely") eyepatch, so there was no reason it couldn't be festive. The sun's rays are done with reverse applique on the front and back sides. The Sun Buddy attaches with magnets so they can be displayed separately.