name // source :: Bilbo Baggins // The Hobbit (2012 movie)

completed :: July 2012

size :: 4" diameter

materials :: scrap cotton, corduroy, muslin, acrylic & wool felt, safety eyes, glass beads, embroidery floss, embroidery hoop

notes :: I adore The Hobbit (book) and love Martin Freeman (actor) so I'm super excited about The Hobbit (movie). It was one of the first real books I read to myself as a kid (it was initially read to me) and I really admired Bilbo. I actually didn't like LotR as much because I always thought Frodo was a pale, whiny shadow of Bilbo! Hah. The "banner" is bent inwards at an angle, it's not lopsided. Bilbo the burglar: never forget.