name :: Heebie

completed :: March 2011

size :: 6" high x 4.5" at base; 19" "earspan" tip to tip

materials :: Minky, faux fur, spandex, acrylic felt, safety eyes, embroidery floss, wire

notes :: Heebie (and Jeebie, not pictured) are apprentice monsters whose job it is to lurk in the dark space under the stairs, or in the back of your cabinets, and make you feel secretly uneasy. Whenever you feel like someone might just be behind you walking home at night, that's them. I designed Heebie (and partner Jeebie, whom I haven't made yet) a while back but never got around to patterning for them. He's made with an especially deep-pile Minky, fake fur, acrylic felt, spandex, and hand-painted safety eyes. The tail is posable and quite bouncy.