character // series :: Haruko Haruhara // FLCL

completed :: April 2002

debut :: Anime Central 2002

Photo by:: my mother lol

notes:: :: The vest is a jacket I got cheap; I hacked off the sleeves, hand-sewed through the vinyl (with a normal needle and no thimble, cause I had only a basic sewing kit), and folded the collar under and taped it. The jacket was apparently so cheap because red dye rubs off on everything it touches, even after I thoroughly washed it with paper towels. That stuff was really murder to sew through, though, cause in a couple of places we're talking four layers of vinyl, with a needle designed for sewing through cotton. I snapped one of 'em clean in half. The stripes are electrical tape (god I love that stuff even more than duct tape). I thought the vest was kinda half-assed, considering it was a butchered jacket, but considering how many compliments I got . . .! (Wow was that a nice feeling.) I made the gloves from scratch, which was a pain. They're pinned to my sleeves so they don't flop over so much, I'll have to rip the stitches out and wire them at some point. The boots are pinned to my pants (!), cause they kept falling down! But I had a bunch of red marks in my legs, apparently once or twice I put the pin through my skin and somehow didn't really notice. lol. And the guitar really should be blue . . . But anyway I liked wearing the wig, it's a really different look for me. Overall I loved doing this costume, because the people who recognized me were really enthusiatic and I got stopped for photos so much . . . I felt popular, lol, even though I was alone the majority of Saturday and Sunday. It was COLD though waiting for the masquerade! And it was a pain having to carry my bag, my shopping, and my guitar. Besides I only got to bonk one person T_T But the guy who was doing the closing ceremonies (I think he's a big honcho at Pioneer!) told me I was the best Haruko he'd seen. OO I don't think it's true, I saw a pic of a better one somewhere, but hey. ^^;;;;

Left my original text since this was one of my first cosplays XD; I think I used to be more hyper. Another costume I might remake . . . some day.