NBC Hannibal S2 Premiere Cupcakes

completed :: February 2014

type :: Marbled Red Velvet/Chocolate with Cheerwine; Buttercream frosting; gum paste and mint leaf accents

notes :: I've never had a viewing party. But I had a viewing party of one anyway. With "people cupcakes". I've never tried doing fancy cupcakes before, or made cake from scratch. The "meat" marbling red velvet/chocolate doesn't show well in photos but worked pretty well in person. The Cheerwine was added for moisture and complementary flavor. First time making anything from gum paste (or fondant, etc); bit of a learning curve on the flowers, but I had enough decent ones to do the tiny flower crown. Each flower is under 1/2" across and colored with icing colors. Hands looked like I brutally murdered a box of crayons for several days. ;) The cleavers are purchased but were bloodied by me. Incidentally, if you leave mint leaves on a cupcake they infuse it with flavor. Not sure if that's good or bad, but they do!