member // band // costume :: YURAsama // Psycho le Cemu // GENZAI Arcadia

completed :: January 2005

debut :: Katsucon 2005

Photo by:: LLNN

notes :: I actually started this costume sometime around May of 2004; I actually wore the hat at the A-kon PLC live. It was supposed to get worn at Otakon '04 and came with me in unfinished state in the hopes I could still finish. As a wonderful lesson in "don't rush your costumes", I wound up having to remake the "skirt" as a result. Don't try to glue stuff on, kids! I admit when I started I thought this costume would be easy - it's cheesy and costume-y looking. But it was much harder than it looked! I now foster a deep dislike of cheap costume satin (which I swear I chose for accuracy) and "confetti dot". All of the gold trim had to be hand-sewn in place; I watched a hell of a lot of BBC America doing that. I also hate working with sheers - putting the cording in the sleeves was much harder than I expected! I spent ages picking stabilizer out because I had to use the adhesive kind. @_@

But, I guess it was all worth it - I finally finished and wore this costume on the second US tour. I took it to a Polaroid photo session and got applause from the band. X3; . . . I STILL think it's a really goofy design, though, rofl.