name :: GdT Stickling

completed :: October 2010

size :: ~12" tall

materials :: Non-pill fleece, faux suede, safety eyes, embroidery floss, wire, plastic pellets

notes :: New/refined version Stickling; small changes, addition of iridescent thread and hand-painted eyes, but made a fair impact imo. The story: Guillermo del Toro, who is one of my top 3 favorite film directors, was in town for a film festival to receive an award. Naturally I got a ticket to his special event. I wanted to make him a plush just in case I had a chance to give him something (he takes sketchbooks, plush is my equivalent), but wound up with 24 hours to do it... so this is the del Toro edition Stickling, which was probably orginally influenced a little by the tree in Pan's Labyrinth. I didn't really get a chance to give it to him, but I actually like this version better than the previous. So, del Toro, if you're out there, I owe you a plushie :P Hah.