member // band :: AYA // Psycho le Cemu

completed :: June 2006

debut :: live version: Ohayocon 2004; photoshoot version: Katsucon 2004

award :: award from AYA at PMX 2004 (does that count? I got a glowstick! XD;)

notes :: I think it's a miracle that this was my first jrock costume and I didn't swear off jrock after the ordeal of making it. XD; It was just difficult for me all around, and expensive, not to mention completely not my taste! (I loved it because it was AYA.) The lace they used apparently does not exist in the US and I wound up having to hand-color gold sections into mine. I found out after seeing the Angelic Pretty dress in person that I made some mistakes, but it was nothing I could have ever known with the references I had. I have also redone the wig completely but I never wore it. >_<

I'm honestly surprised this costume is still in one piece, since it's been through more than one concert, I made it before I had a serger. The live version wig also survived the headbanging test, though the curls aren't quite as springy as they were. In some ways I'd like to remake the whole thing, but I don't really have the time, money, or will to do it again. It had good mileage.