how to buy ::

Please visit my Etsy shop for in-stock plush, jewelry, pins etc; and to contact me about custom work! :)

Please visit my new RedBubble storefront for shirts and more!

commission info::

custom plush:

You can contact me via email or via Etsy regarding custom plush (or hoops, pins, etc). Plush I've made before but in custom colors is available at no additional cost, excepting urgent rush orders. I can make modified versions of plush I've already made for nominal additional cost. Work requiring a custom pattern will be more expensive, based on complexity and size of the finished piece, and set on a case-by-case basis. Because I have experience in other areas, I can incorporate "non-plush" elements, such as sculpted hard pieces, magnets, etc. Feel free to contact me with your drawings or ideas. I will NOT duplicate the work of other artists or copy commercial plush.

custom puppets:

I have been asked more than once about custom puppetry work. I am a hobbyist in this area, but you are welcome to contact me. I have more experience with fabric-based "sock" style puppets or ones with partial foam structure than with full foam puppets. If you are looking for puppet clothing, I may be able to assist you (clothing to put on puppets; if you want clothing made out of puppets, you'll have to ask Lady Gaga's tailor).

custom costumes/clothing/accessories:

I'm largely retired from costuming to focus on plush; be aware that plush is my main business and area of specialty at this time. However, I am willing to consider inquiries for whole or partial costumes, fashion, or accessories, including design work. I do not bite and you may email me with inquiries. I consider commission work to be a collaboration with the client and I will not compromise on quality.

What I can do:

  • provide fully serged items
  • collaborate with you on original designs
  • do non-costume commission work such as plush
  • What I can't do:

  • make an identical version of something I have already made
  • make knockoffs of specific brand fashions
  • do complex molding and casting
  • make oversize props
  • Pricing is highly dependent on the complexity of the work and the quality/amount of materials, especially in the case of cosplay where materials must match a reference.