name :: Flying Toaster (Comikaze 2013 Exclusive; edition of 5)

completed :: October 2013

size :: ~6" tall, 13" long

materials :: anti-pill fleece, acrylic felt, minky, velour, safety eyes, wire

notes :: I was designing possible exclusives, and had been thinking about doing a toaster for some time (to go along with my toast). Inevitably I had the image of my favorite After Dark screensaver, from the days when that sort of thing seemed really important. People in offices used the fish; the flying toasters were for iconoclasts. And I had the expansion pack with the baby ones, too. The wings on this little guy are poseable; there's a machine embroidered "heat element" inside the reverse-appliqued toast slots. It was fun seeing which people at the con remembered the screensaver, and which wondered why the toaster had wings! (What ISN'T better with wings?) One kid who was teased by her parents that she couldn't possibly know what it was said she learned about it in computer class. Oh dear! Ancient history.