name :: Fluffy Chicken (C2E2 2013 exclusive, edition of 5 with print)

completed :: March 2013

size :: ~10" tall

materials :: faux fur, wool felt, safety eyes, wire

notes :: Many people asked if they have eyes; they do, but much like the real chickens you have to work to see them. I wonder how they see where they're going. The chickens will stand on their own with a little patience; each has different colored feet. The "fluffy" chicken is actually a Silkie Chicken, which is a real breed. Googling "fluffy chicken" will explain the tumblr meme that inspired this release, but in short I felt it was symbolic of what people can accomplish when they band together for a common goal, and why the struggle of a stranger - no matter how frivolous - can mean so much to us. What can you do once you believe in what you're capable of?