name :: Flibble (Comikaze/DesignerCon 2013 group)

completed :: October/November 2013

size :: ~6" tall

materials :: faux fur, velour, spandex, hand-painted safety eyes, rhinestones, sequins, glass beads, wire

notes :: This is the lost batch of Flibbles! There were several others in different colors with the sequin decorations (different shapes/colors) that I never photographed before traveling to CA, and they went off to their "forever homes" from there. So you'll have to use your imagination that they're "sort of like this, but not". ;) The white one came home with me, but was then purchased via Etsy by a boyfriend with a good memory whose lady had seen it at DCon. I think Flibbles may like California! They need the fluff to withstand the cool desert air at night, and the ears help them lose heat during the day...