name :: Fish Fingers and Custard (original design inspired by Doctor Who)

completed :: October 2011

for sale :: on Etsy

size :: ~6" tall

materials :: Fleece, Minky, safety eyes, embroidery floss, velvet ribbon

notes :: In the first episode of Series 5 of the new Doctor Who (Matt Smith's introduction as the 11th Doctor), he determines that his new favorite food is... fish fingers dipped in custard. Lovely. I was thinking about plush I'd like to make, and some Doctor Who stuff that was too complicated to make more than one of, when suddenly I had a brainwave... fish fingers and custard. Whether it's a terrible idea or a great one, I'm not sure, but there you have it. Slightly larger than lifesize to allow room for the face with handpainted "toasted" edges, and available with or without a handmade bow tie.