character // series :: Faye Valentine // Cowboy Bebop

completed :: July 2002

debut :: Anime Expo 2002

awards :: Julia Feeney's Presentation award, AXNY '02

Photo by:: my brother

notes:: :: I took my time with this costume, and most of it was done at the beginning of July; but then my sewing machine broke. It was out of commission for all but the last week before AX, basically; I had it back briefly but it broke again in short order. I finally bought a new machine, the Sunday before AX. Nearly all of Sanzo and large parts of Kaoru, in addition to the finishing work on Faye, were done in those three days (I left Wednesday morning). I had to have my mom ship Faye to me, because putting the black trim on was a complete nightmare. But I did get the costume in time to wear it to the Bebop gathering, and if I'd made finals in the karaoke contest, I would have had it for my performance.

Faye's shoes are brutal. I wore them a half hour and could barely walk. I struggled back to the hotel, put on socks, and proceeded to wear the shoes the rest of the day, until quite late that night (about two). After you spend that long in that outfit, you sort of forget (sort of) about the fact that you're wearing PVC hot pants.

I don't think, overall, that I'm a very good Faye . . . even though the costume pieces came out better than I'd hoped. I just didn't pull it together into the character right. I'm hoping some day I will get new shoes for this, and a wig closer to what I want, and wear it again. I didn't do it to be skanky (I hate wearing skimpy outfits!), I did it because I really admire (?) Faye.