name // source :: the Enchiridion // Adventure Time

completed :: July 2012

size :: 11” high x 9.75” wide x 4.25” deep

materials :: faux suede, non-pill fleece, velour, acrylic and wool felt, scrap fabric, ribbon, studs, acrylic gems

notes :: For the Adventure Time tribute show at OhNo!Doom; the handbook for heroes that Finn acquires by completing challenges. I wanted to make a prop version of this for a while, but seeing as I "do" plush, I made it in fabric. I'm not entirely sure why I thought that was a good idea! It was probaby the most time-consuming plush I've ever made. (Partly because my cosplayer genes kicked in and I insisted on matching even the tiny scuffs to the production artwork.) The only non-fabric parts are a bit of craft foam, the metal stud decorations, and the gems. Only the gems are glued; everything else is sewn on, including the cover which is stitched to the interior. I'm anti-shortcut so I'm very anti-glue ;)