character // series :: Doujima // Witch Hunter Robin

completed :: July 2003

worn:: Anime Expo 2003

Photo by:: Eurobeat King Al

notes:: Doujima happened because our anime club decided to do a WHR group, and I was told I'd been cast as Doujima. (Yeah, cause we have so much in common . . . lol. Well I am usually late. ^^; ) Doujima happened for AX because I found Doujima's EXACT top without even looking for it. o_O;

Not too much to say about the rest of the costume . . . I got crazy obsessive with being accurate. I dyed the pants to get the right color and got a watch on eBay that's almost identical to hers. I even customized shoes to get them accurate. Doujima does not actually wear the "witch hunter" accessories with this particular outfit, but I did it anyway.

Alas, no one knew whot the heck I was AND I couldn't persuade the Bandai booth people to give me a free WHR t-shirt on account of being from the series. Good thing about wearing this costume - wore it to a nearby mall, and apparently blended in pretty well after I took off Orbo. Doujima is So Cal. ^^

BONUS COSTUME: My friends were doing Robin and Amon for Anime Reactor, and they asked me to be Doujima again. And I realized I kinda had her suit in my closet. o_O So I've theoretically done two Doujima costumes. Scary.