member // band :: YURAsama // DACCO

completed :: July 2006

Okay, it's blurry, but it's Yura with his puppet doppelganger and it's the only photo I have of the puppet.
notes:: Made this puppet as a gift for YURAsama, and gave it to him when I went to dinner with him at San Diego Comic Con. I'm not sure he made the connection between "person with puppets on tour" and "person giving you puppet at the moment", but that's okay. XD; I could not figure out a puppet bowler hat but I managed to get him one like the ones "real" Yura wears around (the flat newsboy kind) at Build-a-Bear heh. I didn't have another wig to destroy so this one has faux mohair hair. It does have a dress shirt, cravat, and lined blazer. I really wish I had remembered to get photos of it. :(